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The Talon

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aurora_bee @ 02:49 pm: Lionel paid a visit to the mansion last night after Enrique's impromptu arrival in Metropolis.

Warning possible Luthorcest and violence


young_luthor: *Knocks on Enrique's door* Are you ok Enrique?

enrique: *wakes up groggy* sir? *sits up, forgets about his hands, falls on the floor and groans*

young_luthor:: *Leans over and picks you up gently* How did you do this?

enrique: i'm so sorry, sir... *hugs Lex* i'm so glad to be back, sir...mr. kent, he, he came out of nowhere, i don't... thank you so much, sir.

young_luthor: *Pushes Enrique off* I don't know how Clark found you Enrique you were very lucky. *Lays Enrique on the bed* I think perhaps you should stay in bed. Did you see my father?

enrique: only for a bit. *still slurring words* dominic sent the helicopter, sir. he wasn't pleased about that. dom...he...your father sent me away... he didn't want me...

young_luthor: *Looks down at his feet* I'm sorry, I'm not exactly in my father’s good books at the moment. You still haven't told me how you came to be in this state? I should call Toby it looks as if your fingers are broken. *Holds Enrique's bandaged hand*

enrique: why doesn't he want me anymore? *tries to focus on Lex* he put me on the street...i... i've lost my looks apparently *tries to smile* some tricks..they...surrounded me. the next thing i remember is being in master kent's truck.

young_luthor: You've lost you're looks? *Surprised* Well you are a little worse for wear. I believe my father wanted you here to keep an eye on me. So your leaving would disappoint him immensely. I'm not stupid Enrique.

enrique: he kept asking....about mr. kent, sir.. i didn't tell him anything, i swear.. *passes out*

young_luthor: *Sighs, and dials Toby* Toby I need you here a.s.a.p., it's urgent. *Cradles Enrique's head in his arms*

lou_thorneill: *Enters the mansion* Lex? Where are you?

young_luthor: *Pets Enrique on the head sighs, and leaves the room* I'm here father.

lou_thorneill: He's back then?

young_luthor: Yes father, Enrique's back no thanks to you. What did you do to him!

lou_thorneill: I wouldn't have to do anything to him if you could control him Lex. *Raises his hand, but Lex grabs it before it makes contact*

young_luthor: You're not going to do it again dad.

lou_thorneill: *Pushes past Lex into Enrique's room* Get up! *Grabs Enrique by the throat*

enrique: *wakes up* please, it's my fault, sir, master lex didn't have...

lou_thorneill: Didn't have what Enrique? *Continues to squeeze Enrique's neck, as Lex tries to pull him off*

young_luthor: Dad, please.... *Lionel knocks Lex into the wall, hitting his head and falling into a heap on the floor*

enrique: *lunges off the bed trying to attack lionel* LEAVE HIM ALONE YOU BASTARD! *hits lionel with an injured hand*

lou_thorneill: *Grabs Enrique* This is all your fault. Do you think I wanted to hurt my son!!!!

enrique: YES! *looks at Lionel in fear, but is not backing down*

lou_thorneill: *Strikes you* Help me get him onto the bed.

enrique: yes, sir *bends down to pick up master lex and lay him on the bed* leave him out of this. please, sir?

lou_thorneill: You started this Enrique you involved Lex. Where's the lovely Victoria?

enrique: shopping in metropolis, sir. *moves towards the door*

lou_thorneill: *Touches Lex face* Where do you think you're going?

enrique: *looks at master lex* somewhere where he doesn't have to wake up to this... *looks at Lionel with disgust*

lou_thorneill: Take your clothes off now!

enrique: sir, please... *tries to unbutton his shirt but can't* i'll do anything you ask...just please leave him alone...

lou_thorneill: You'll do anything I ask anyway Enrique, I own you remember.

enrique: i belong to master lex, sir. *still struggling to get his shirt off*

lou_thorneill: *Rips Enrique's shirt off, and pulls down his pants* Good.

enrique: *starts shaking* yes, sir

lou_thorneill: *Pushes Enrique onto the bed next to Lex. Rolls Lex over and ties his hands behind his back with your shirt.* You brought this on yourself Lex! *Starts to undo Lex's flies*

enrique: NO! *kicks Lionel back off lex, gets off the bed and picks up the candlestick master lex used recently* don't make me, mr. luthor....

lou_thorneill: *Laughs* Enrique do you really think you can stop me? *Grabs the candle stick from Enrique's damaged hand, and brings it down on the side of his head, pushes Enrique onto the bed and spits on his hand*

enrique: *falls on top of master lex, seeing the blood from his head seep into his suit* Nnngghh... Nn...

lou_thorneill: *Spreads Enrique's legs, slicks his cock and enters him*

enrique: *closes his eyes and waits for it to be over*

lou_thorneill: *Grunts as he fucks Enrique, and runs his hand over Lex's soft skin*

enrique: *bucks back against his will* nnooo...

young_luthor: Enrique?? *Struggles*

enrique: go.. go back to ss..sleep, sir... *tries to be very still*

lou_thorneill: *Comes with a grunt, and is thrown back against the wall as lex breaks his bonds*

enrique: sir...don't... *slides off of the bed*

young_luthor: *Looks at Lionel* So you don't just do it to your son? Get out! *Sees Lionel pick up the candle stick and hit Enrique across the ribs*

enrique: OOf! *grabs his side* mast..

young_luthor: *Runs at Lionel knocking him on the floor, lies motionless*

enrique: sir...get out... please....

young_luthor: *Picks his head up* I will not let him hurt you.

enrique: already done, sir... please..just get out now...

lou_thorneill: *Slowly gets up from the floor* Ah Lex, you really do disappoint me. I believe you've signed Enrique up to a part time course in MetU. I suggest for those two days he stays with me, so I can re-train him. *Smiles*

enrique: yes, please.. just leave him alone...

lou_thorneill: Lex, how would you like me to pay a visit to that young man you seem to take so much interest in, Clark Kent wasn't it? *Smiles*

young_luthor: No!!!

enrique: *looks up at Lex* i'm so sorry i messed up your suit, sir... i. *grabs for lionel*

young_luthor: *Stops Enrique* Please Enrique, leave it. *Looks at Lionel* What do you want exactly?

enrique: *crawls over to the wastebasket and starts throwing up*

lou_thorneill: Enrique for re-training, and you to give yourself to me freely.

young_luthor: *Comes to Enrique and pulls him up* I'm sorry Enrique...

enrique: don't touch himmm... i'll come..with you...

lou_thorneill: Lex, perhaps we should go somewhere a little more comfortable. *Runs his finger down Lex's cheek* Enrique you will stay here. I don't want to see you again until you've healed.

enrique: No!! NO! you bastard!!! don't you fucking touch him!! *tries to get up*

young_luthor: *Pushes Enrique down gently* Don't make it worse, I can't let him hurt Clark.

enrique: no, please.... no.. mr. luthor, sir... i'll.. i'll come with you.. i won't make a sound... just like you like... please....

lou_thorneill: Lex, are you coming. *Holds out his hand to Lex*

farmboy: *Shouts from the foyer* Lex? LEX!?! Hello..??? *Starts scanning the mansion and sees three people on the lower level, starts walking down the stairs* Lex?

young_luthor: Dad, please go... I'll come to Metropolis tomorrow. *Grabs Enrique as he watches Lionel leave*

farmboy: Lex.. *Sees an older man come up the steps* Oh, Hi! Is Lex down there? *Smiles*

lou_thorneill: I believe so sonny. *Walks past to the waiting limo outside*

farmboy: Um, thanks. *Walks down stairs* Lex?

young_luthor: *Covers Enrique up and zips up his trousers* Down here Clark.

farmboy: *Turns the corner and sees Lex* Hey! Was that your dad? He called me sonny. *Makes a face* What hap...Oh my god, Lex...

young_luthor: *Looks at the floor* Nothing Clark.

farmboy: Lex, Are you Ok? *Scans Lex* I'm gonna kill him... *Turns to walk back up the stairs*

young_luthor: *Grabs Clark's arm* It's ok he didn't hurt me, *rubs his head* I kind of fell against the wall. I think we should find out where Toby is though. I called him earlier.

farmboy: Enrique? Is he ok?

young_luthor: *Pokes Enrique* You alive?

enrique: Mmnngg...

young_luthor: I don't think he is. Uhm... *Picks up phone and dials Toby* Toby's on his way.

farmboy: What happened to him.. *Bends down and looks at Enrique* Um, Lex... Call an ambulance. *Looks at you* Is that his blood?

young_luthor: We'll have to wait for Toby... Calling an ambulance is not an option under these circumstances.

farmboy: Lex, he's losing a lot of blood. Come here. *Pulls Lex down to look* I think I'm going to be sick. What the hell happened!!

young_luthor: *Takes a deep breath* I can't call them what would I say!

farmboy: Tell them your father beat him!! He's going to die, Lex.. His pulse is slowing

young_luthor: *Hears sirens* My father, he's called in his contacts. Clark I'm covered in Enrique's blood.....

farmboy: Go change.

young_luthor: *Passes out*

farmboy: Lex?!?! *Takes Lex's pulse* Damn. *Looks up to see a bunch of guys in white come in and throw enrique on a stretcher* Hey, Be careful... *They leave* What.. *Sits down next to Lex* Lex. *Shakes him a little*

young_luthor: *Looks up at Clark* Nooo... *Sobs*

farmboy: *Holds Lex close* It's gonna be ok, Lex.... You'll be fine. *Kisses the top of his head*


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Date:October 26th, 2004 10:26 am (UTC)
dark. :D
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